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Vacuum Flask, Tractor and barn

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Remember the vacuum flasks that were popular around the 70’s? In our photo albums they look similar to this one, with both the plastic cup and the pattern standing out in the crowd. And then we made some improvements, not least when it comes to the plastic parts and what materials we use; you will find no BPA or Phthalates here. The size of this vacuum flask is perfect for kids who don’t need to carry litres and litres in small rucksacks when they are on excursions with kindergarden or school. At the same time many adults like using it too, because they think 350 ml is a perfect size for coffee. By the way, do you like summer picnics? A vacuum flask will also keep your drink cold, so it can both be used for hot chocolate in the autumn and cold squash in the summer.

Holds approximately 350 ml. Our vacuum flasks are made from stainless, recyclable steel, same material as is used in the steel pans you have in your kitchen. Stainless steel is known as a safe choice as it has no type of coating inside the vacuum flask. The caps are made from plastic. No traces of Phthalates or BPA have been found in the caps or cups. The vacuum flask has a double wall and base, and our test results show that hot liquid, which was 98 °C C when poured in, was just over 60 °C C after 7 hours.
  • Item code: 1849
  • EAN: 7090015484929
  • Transport destination: 21 cm x 9 cm x 8 cm (LxBxH)
  • Weight: 0.334000 kg
  • Produksjonsland: Kina
The cap and drinking cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Avoid boiling and too high temperatures on the cap, as this can alter the shape of the parts. To take good care of the pattern on the outside the vacuum flask should not be put in the dishwasher. Cleaning the cap: The vacuum flask has a cap with a push-button that can be opened and twisted apart for cleaning. Directly after use the cap should be taken apart and the different parts should be soaked in water/rinsed with detergents (or baking powder, see below) to prevent the liquid leaving smells, tastes – or mould. When putting the cap back together, it is important to keep the parts in the right positions i relation to each other. If the parts are put together crookedly, the cap might leak. The baking powder trick: Many people actually recommend baking powder (!) to remove remains and to clean the parts and the thermos itself properly. You can for example put the different parts in a bowl of hot water mixed with baking powder, until you think it all looks sparkling clean (a few minutes). You can also pour a little baking powder into the vacuum flask, then some hot water, shake well, let it work for a few minutes. Remember to rinse well with clean water afterwards.


Hver krone du legger igjen i denne nettbutikken skaper fine ringvirkninger.

Ditt kjøp bidrar til arbeidsplasser og utvikling, også hvis du velger tingene våre i en fysisk butikk du besøker. Vi jobber hver dag for å skape produkter som gjør hverdagen litt gladere og mer praktisk. Hver kunde og hvert kjøp betyr noe, spesielt nå. 

Så takk for at du velger en liten, norsk produsent som oss. Vi har tenkt å blafre videre slik vi har gjort siden 2005. Vil du vite mer om historien vår? 

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